Login changes

The most complicated part of the whole process for our users is setting up the user accounts. If you are a new member this will be easy, as you create your login details with the LTA at the time of signing up for membership. However, if you are a long term member we need to associate your membership with your login details.

Please note that you will now need to be registered with ClubSpark in order to renew your membership in May 2024.


I received an "Invitation to Register", I've never had a ClubSpark account

Approximately 65% have never used ClubSpark. We have created you a membership account and emailed you an invitation to register your membership. Please follow the instructions on the "Registration" page.


I received an "Invitation to Register", but I have used ClubSpark before for bookings

Unfortunately, the ClubSpark system did not manage to join the two accounts together and it gave you another account. We have fixed as many of these as possible, but there may be a few that fell into this categorry. Don't worry, we have tested this and all that you need to do is follow the link in the email and then login with your previous details. This will connect your LTA login and the GMLTC membership. If you have any problems, please email membership@gmltc.com.


I didn't receive an invitation to register


  • Your membership migration was silky smooth and there is nothing else to do. Please check your account using the link below or
  • There is some other issue. Please email membership@gmltc.com for support.

How do I know if everything worked?

Click on this link to see your profile with the club https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/GreatMissendenLTC/EditProfile. On the left hand side select "My Memberships". This should list your current membership option. Any problems, email membership@gmltc.com.