We know that change is a bit of a pain. All of the changes that are currently been made are part of reducing costs.

We have been using 3 different systems to manage the membership, the website and court bookings. There was no linkage between the 3, and that meant volunteer time was spend logging into different systems to create users on each. Moving to one system means that we save money on the systems themselves and volunteer time.

From now on you will just have one login to remember. For those of you that have booked courts or courses in the past with clubspark (or the Booker app) you will be familar with the system. For those of you who had a login for the old website that will be removed when our subscription on the clubbuzz system runs out later in the year. All of the infomation from that website will be replicated on this new web site.

This new system also means that you can update your club details yourselves (phone number changes etc). Again this reduces volunteer time needed to maintain that data for everybody.

Probably the biggest reduction of effort will be around membership renewal time. Currently Alison and Melissa have to contact all members, collect payments, reconcile payments to members and update records. In this new system this will be done automatically, with payments able to be taken on the website. Your bank details aren't handled by the club or the LTA, they are handled by Stripe or GoCardLess who many of you will trust already with online payments.

Thank you for going with us on this journey!