Website Guide

The website should be pretty self explanatory. However here are some helpful hints and links...

Where do I book a court The court booking system is still in this website using the same login for this website. The link is above "BOOKINGS". Remember that we only allow general member bookings for floodlit use, all other booking are for coaches, social tennis organisers and team captains.
What is the code for the top clubhouse / toilet / main clubhouse? That is in the "MEMBERS" section.
What events are planned at the club? The "EVENTS" area contains information about the planned events, the social tennis timetable.
How do I book time with the coach? See "COACHING". The coaches have club email addresses and their own systems for managing their coaching time.
Why are there so many menus at the top of the page? Clubspark allows any number of separate menus, so we have split up the information as much as possible to make it easier to find. We have tried to put the most frequently used items to the left of the menu of options. If you computer, tablet or phone cannot display all of the menu items it puts some of them under the "MORE" item at the end.