GMLTC Fixture List 2017

GMLTC has multiple teams running in the Aegon Regional, Bucks Shield and Aylesbury & District leagues throughout the year. The current consolidated schedule of all matches by team is available to download at this link:  

GMLTC A&D, Aegon and Bucks Shield fixtures as at 17th April 2017

Any questions please refer to the appropriate Team Captain or for Bucks Shield scheduling Rowan Fyfe and A&D scheduling Bryan Allsop (thanks to Rowan and Bryan for doing this onerous task for the club!) 

Junor Aegon matches in the summer are manged by each parent Team Captain and overseen by Ross Helmsely and Raja.  Junior matches will be played on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and will usually start at 2pm and 4pm using courts that adult matches are not using.  It was not possible to schedule Junior matches for Friday evenings or Satuirday mornings.    


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