Floodlit Court Booking and Use

All playing members can request to be registered with ClubSpark to book a floodlit court.  If you wish to be able to book a floodlit court please email membership@gmltc.com with your request.  (We do not do a bulk email invite to register to all members as not all members use the floodlight booking system.)  The team will arrange for an invite to be sent to you from ClubSpark to complete the registration. Full instructions with screen shots on how to register with ClubSpark and then how to use your browser or the phone app are available here to download Clubspark Floodlit Court Booking Guide v5 October 2021 .

You can book one or two hour slots on the ClubSpark App or website. Members can book a maximum of 2 hours in one day.  You can book courts up to 14 days ahead. Coaching programmes and regular events such as Mens Night, Ladies Night, Mixed Night and Junior Night have already been block-booked on the system.  As ever we try to allocate the courts as fairly as possible to the varying needs of members doing coaching, club nights or individually booked sessions. We will monitor usage during the season to see where adjustments in block bookings are needed. 

The Clubspark web page for booking at GMLTC is here: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/GreatMissendenLTC/Booking.  The phone app is very easy to set up and use once you have registered with Clubspark.  Details are in the User Guide.   

The controler box to turn on and off the floodlights is in the top clubhouse. Instructions for using the floodlight system are on the wall by the controller box. The code for the key box to open the door is in the Member's Area page (log in required) here: Member's Area Web Page  and on the notice board in the main clubhouse. It is also in the email confirmation you will get for each booking. Please lock the door and lock the key back in the box after you have used it, even if other people are playing or might be coming along soon. Don't assume someone else will lock it for you. The code needs to be entered again and the "open" button held down to close the lock box. 

It is very important that you TURN OFF the lights on your court when you are finished if no other members are using it immediatley. Our neighbours in Rook Wood Way do complain when they see lights on but courts not being used and it wastes a lot of electricity. Chiltern Council have asked us to be diligent in this respect.    

No floodlight use is allowed after 10pm Monday to Saturday, and not at all on Sundays and all Bank Holidays due to planning permission restrictions.   

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